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Welcome to the Crack Pairings Wiki!Edit

Crack Pairings and Crossover Pairings: the ships that take imagination and creativity. We all know a pairing that never happened and didn't get very much screen time (or any at all), but would've been great. Feel free to add pages about something you ship, or contribute to pairings pages that are already created. However, please go over the list of Rules before making any edits. Have fun!

What exactly is a "Crack Pairing"?Edit

A Crack Pairing is a pairing that never happened within the show, book, or movie that the characters existed in. Say Sallie and Joe never met each other in your favorite show, The Show That Never Was, but you thought that they would have been cute if they ever had met. That is classified as a "Crack Pairing". Some people consider Crossover Pairings to be Crack Pairings, also. Say that Joe, from The Show That Never Was never so much as met Candice, from The Show That Still Isn't, but you believe that if the two ever met each other, they would make an adorable couple. That is a Crack Pairing, or a Crossover Pairing. On this Wiki, we will also accept pairings that never got much screen time, or attention romantically (such as Harry/Luna, from Harry Potter). Generally, a pairing is not considered a Crack Pairing if the two characters were romantically involved at any point or for any amount of time during the show, book, or movie, or if the two characters tell each other that they like each other, but never date. In those circumstances, the romantic pairing of the two would be simply a Pairing, or a Ship. It is not a Crack Pairing if two people got together, broke up, and ended the series apart.